was an art exhibition that was a response to the lack of “safe spaces” on the campus of Appalachian State. Once people are transparent with their feelings then can we take the step to overcome the things that hold us back. We wanted to design a space that hopefully would make our audience feel comfortable with sharing personal fears and insecurities. Even without submitting to TRANSFLUX, reading the hundreds of responses to the space, provides the audience with a sense of community and unity when it was needed most.

Option 1 :

Participants can write any fears and/or insecurities that they feel comfortable sharing. Because we wanted to curate a “safe space” these submissions are completely anonymous, which helped promote more contributions. It was the therapeutic benefit of writing that led to having this be one of the options for submissions.

Option 2 :

For the second option, we wanted to apply another therapeutic method for our audience. We wanted to incorporate both a written and breathing element. By having our audience place their written responses into transparent balloons, the safe space has a “flux” like effect that offers visitors a new experience each time they visited the space.

Our goal was to create a safe, yet inviting place for people to share fear and or insecurities. We paid very close attention to color theory, and how that can affect how people react to a given space. All in all, we received hundreds of responses, plenty of social media post about the show, and a great turnout for the reception.

Client: Looking Glass Gallery
Type of Design: Editorial, Illustration, Experimental, Interaction & Exhibition.  
Medium: Ballons (clear & orange) Vinyl (signage) Nails, Card Stock (responses) Orange paint, Moveable Walls, 
Year: 2017