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Despite the fact Wey Hall is full of artists, whether they’re students just starting out or instructors teaching their craft, there is a noticeable absence of community, to the point that people are often oblivious to anything outside of their major. In worst case scenario, some individuals even go as far as dismissing artistic disciplines outside of their own as lesser. Aside from being just plain ignorant, our group perceives this lack of community as a lost opportunity that could have potentially harmful effects on our understanding of art. 

Peers are among an artist’s greatest assets, providing invaluable advice or insight that an individual could never discover on their own, and in a building full of creatives, each with their own passion or specialty. With this particular project, we wanted to curate a publication in which all the content came directly from the scholars within the Art Department. A publication for artists by artists.

Launch Party for QUOTES.
This was a continuation of the QUOTES project. This was the official launch party for the publication. The entire theme was “introduction” with this in mind; we supplied our audience with various deliverables and takeaways in order to help promote the overall awareness of the QUOTES publication. A small booklet with instructions and prompts that forced the audience to engage with QUOTES. After finishing and turning in the booklet, they were rewarded with a handmade button and free publication. We then used these submissions for future content for the second issue of QUOTES.

Client: Wey Hall
Type of Design: Editorial, Illustration, Experimental, Interaction & Exhibition. 
Project Duration: New issue designed and printed each month.
Medium: Newsprint, Riso Print Injet Print.
Year: 2017