Adam Lucas
Graphic Designer

"I am a multi-disciplined graphic designer that loves finding unique ways to solve problems."


Each year the Apparel Design and Merchandising program curates a senior Showcase event at Convocation Center in Boone North Carolina. Due to the growth in the department, a rebranding for the Showcase was well overdue. The ideal objective for the Showcase is to develop uniformity through bold and sleek design for their programs, invitations, posters, signage, and a website.

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Transflux at its core is an experience design project that was created to promote a space that encourages the audience to openly express/share fears or insecurities in order to find similarities within our community. In an atmosphere that was extremely divided due to racial events, political, and even the pressures of just everyday life.

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In order to combat this upsetting trend and tap into Wey Hall’s intrinsic creative resources, we propose the development of “Quotes.” Essentially, we imagine this publication as a platform for the occupants of Wey to connect and create with one another around a shared prompt, inspired by quarterly themes.

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HIBROU is a brand that is sleek, reliable, and affordable. They cater to the “on the go” lifestyle of many consumers today. HIBROU is multi-dimensional online retailer dedicated to delivering community, culture, and technological innovation. They take pride in tirelessly pursuing superior electronic goods, rapid delivery, and exceptional customer service. HIBROU's main concern is providing “high-quality” products, without the heavy price tag.

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As a designer, I find inspiration in everyday life. My core skill set includes typography, branding, illustration, and various forms of mixed media. When I'm not freelancing, you might be able to find me enjoying the outdoors or just dancing around my house in my pajamas. I have a deep passion for all things within popular culture, as well as fashion. But my heart will always belong to my mother's mac & cheese! It's REALLY GOOD!
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