Brian Donnelly is currently best known as the artist KAWS. KAWS is a New York-based artist who has made a name out of him designing limited edition toys and clothing. He is also a world-renowned artist who exhibits in museums and galleries internationally. His art stands somewhere between fine art and global commerce. His work consists of bigger than life sculptures, paintings, and clothing. This is a hypothetical portfolio website for some of his most well-known art pieces. I wanted the website to be minimal in order to keep his quality of his work at the forefront.

The Apparel Design and Merchandising Department reached out for their Senior Showcase at Convocation Center on April 23rd, 2017. The department wanted to rebrand their event in order to promote and facilitate more awareness about the fashion show.  The show featured about 60-80 students and industry professionals and well over 1,000 people in attendance expected. The ideal objective for the showcase is to develop uniformity through bold and sleek design for their programs, invitations, posters, signage, and a website. Process work can be found here.